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The surface area of the main lake is 9.46 acres, it has an average width of 100 meters and it is over 600 meters long.


There are 6 dedicated swims, all on the south bank so there is never anyone fishing opposite you. All of the swims are doubles so you can fish with or without your friends. They are between 50 and 100 meters apart.


There is a 2 berth log cabin on every swim, they are 3 meters by 3 meters and can accommodate 2 people in comfort












Each cabin is equipped with: a bedchair, a chair, a table, a landing net, a Nash Cradle or Corral, a weigh sling, a tripod with scales, a bucket, a dustbin, wall hooks for hanging coats and a ceiling hook for hanging lanterns, etc. All equipment can be moved between swims for those that wish to fish in pairs.


Under the surface every swim has very different features and the carp move from one to the other with impunity, however, having exclusive use of the fishing allows you to move with them and maximise your catch.


Here is a snapshot of each swim:



Swim 1  "Brians Bay"

Swim 2  "The Meadow"

Swim 3  "The Bay"

Swim 4  "Twin Oaks"

Swim 5  "The Stumps"

Swim 6  "Ken's Corner"

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