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There is no substitute for information, and lots of it, when trying to decide which venue to choose for your carp fishing holiday in France, especially if you are considering a different lake for the first time.


We hope that the web-site contains sufficient information to at least interest you in our carp fishery.


We continually strive to improve the fishing and the facilities that we offer our clients and in order to keep people up to date with the changes we detail them on our blog.


We call our blog “Lake News”, it contains a wealth of information and the archive pages are always worth looking at.


We write a new post once per week, more often if the information is relevant. It includes many articles covering a range of subjects including catch reports.  We do not produce a weekly statistical catch report as many fisheries do, they can be very misleading and you can never know how accurate they are.


Return to any main page and you will find the Lake News tab on the far right, just click and read the articles that may interest you.


If you wish to receive future news articles automatically, by e-mail, look for the “FOLLOW” tab in the bottom right hand corner. Just click on it, add your e-mail address, and you are connected.


If you are looking for information that you cannot find on the Web-Site, the Blog or our Facebook page then simply send us an e-mail and we will be more than pleased to answer your inquiry.


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