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Some of our guests do not want the facilities included in the Standard Package, such as the Gite, the swimming pool, etc.


An alternative to our standard package is our Drive and Survive package.  It is a little more rustic but still provides all of the basic facilities.  To see what facilities are  included please refer to the Facilities Page and click on the Shower Block tab.


It is what it is called “Drive and Survive” so many of the additional facilities are not available but limited food packages will be available and fresh bait will also be available on-site.


The Drive and Survive Package price includes up to 4 people. Obviously, the more people in your group the cheaper it is per person but equally if a party of 1 or 2 people want the whole place to themselves they can have it.


All bookings are guaranteed to be whole lake exclusive, you do not have to concern yourself with other anglers, and you decide who fishes where and when.




One week on the Drive and Survive package is £1725


The Package


Exclusive use of the main lake.

Exclusive use of the Shower Block.

Exclusive use of the 6 lake-side cabins and the equipment therein which comprises:  landing net, weigh sling, cradle, bucket, tripod and scales.

Access to the bait freezer in the barn.


Larger groups


Additional guests can be added to your group of 4 at the rate of £445 per person per week, up to a maximum of 6 persons.





All bookings are from 3pm on a Saturday through to 10am the following Saturday.

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