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Self-Catering is the normal catering option with all of our fishing holidays.


Our Standard Package includes exclusive use of the Gite which has a fully equipped kitchen, it is more than adequate for the needs of most groups.


Our Drive & Survive Package does not provide access to any cooking facilities and you will have to provide your own.


We do provide meal packages if requested and we pride ourselves on quality and quantity so you will not go hungry. The possible requirement of a food package must be indicated on your booking form at the point of booking.


As with every aspect of your holiday the meal package is designed to suit the needs of you and your group. To achieve this we have a variety of meal options and they are served at times that suit you.


Breakfast can be served between 8 and 10 am, Dinner can be served between 5 and 7 pm.


The meal package selected must be for the whole group. 


The timings are agreed with you on arrival, they can be changed throughout your holiday but must include the whole group.


Standard Package Options


The following food options are only available with the Standard Package holiday, including the All-Inclusive version, they are not available with the Drive & Survive holiday:


Option One is Self-Catering, by far the most popular option and it is free.


Option Two is breakfast only. Your breakfast order is taken the evening before and is prepared fresh for you.  All breakfasts include; tea, coffee, fruit juice, cereals, toast, butter and preserves. It also includes; egg, bacon, sausage, black pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, hash browns and a fried slice.
















Option Three is evening meal only. It is a 3-course meal which includes 25cl of wine per person. You can bring your own additional or alternative beverages with you when dining.


The menu is different every day and will be notified to you at breakfast so that you know what to expect for dinner.


Option Four is a combination of options 2 and 3; breakfast and a 3-course evening meal.

Option Five is a 2-course evening meal, it is provided by an outside caterer and is delivered at a set time to the Gite.  You can then eat it in your leisure at a time that suits each individual within your group.  It thereby provides maximum flexibility to your group.


Drive & Survive Option


The following food option is only available with the Drive & Survive holiday and is not available with the Standard Package holiday nor the All-Inclusive version:


Option Six is a combined breakfast and evening meal option. 


Breakfast is a baguette only.  Each one is filled with 2 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, and 2 fried eggs.  They are to be collected by a member of your group from the kitchen at a pre-arranged time and will be individually wrapped in tin foil. 


The evening meal is a single-course meal and will be eaten in the main dining room at an agreed time, all members of your group must eat at the same time, other than water beverages are not provided.





For prices please refer to the "Prices" tab and select "Food Packages.


Please be aware that we cannot cater for vegetarians, vegans, allergies or personal diet plans.


If there are food types that a member of your group cannot or will not eat then we must be advised of this prior to booking.

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