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We want everyone to enjoy their fishing and their holiday experience so we endeavour to keep our rules to as few as possible. 


The safety and protection of our fish is paramount and therefore some basic rules are essential.




No standing when posing with fish for photographs.  


Please ensure that cradles have fresh clean water in them at all times and that it is sufficient to cover the whole fish. 


No sacking of fish, please ensure that you have camera equipment that works in the dark, all fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible. 


Barbless hooks only.


A maximum of; 3 fishing rods, 1 spod rod and 1 marker rod per angler.


A maximum of; 1 hook per rod or rig.


No lead core of any type.


No Braided main lines or braided leaders.


No fixed leads (all leads must be able to fall free in the event of break-offs).


No shelf-life boilies and no uncooked nuts.


All particle bait must be fresh and prepared on-site. Commercial containers are permitted if the seals have not been broken.


Please pick up any bait that is dropped on the ground immediately, we do not have a rat problem and we do not want one. Thank you.


Landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings are provided, do not use your own.


Antiseptic Gel must be used to treat the mouths of all fish after every catch.  Please treat any damage to the fish's body, scales, and fins at the same time.


All fishing lines are to be reeled in when rods are not attended.


The use of the row boat is by personal arrangement with Tony, the boat is to be moored in clear areas only, do not damage the lake-side vegetation to create new moorings.


Please report any damaged fish to Tony or Helen.


Please do not damage any bank side vegetation to create new fishing spots.




 NO Smoking in any of the accommodation, this includes the Gite and the 6 lake-side cabins. Ashtrays are provided for smoking outside.


Please use the black bins provided at the swims for non-recyclable waste.


Please use the green plastic containers at the swims and in the barn for all recyclable waste;  glass, cans, plastic, cardboard, etc.


Please use the designated toilets, especially for No2s.


Do not Pee up the cabins, use a tree!!


Please ensure you have sufficient holiday insurance in the event of accidents and illness.


Please do not get drunk or stoned (depending on your personal vices). It usually ruins your holiday and results in accidents.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times.


Please ensure that all accommodation; the Gite and the Cabins, are vacated by 10am on departure day and left in a clean tidy condition.


Please ensure that all equipment is returned to its appropriate place and left in a clean and tidy condition.


Please report all damage and breakages to Tony or Helen in order that problems can be rectified before our next guests arrive.


Use of the Gym equipment and washing machine is by personal arrangement with Helen only.


If you feel that you are not able to conform to these simple rules, or you do not want to then please do not come.


Terms and Conditions


Any infringement of the rules will result in the termination of your holiday without refund.


All bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a completed booking form and a cleared payment of a 30% deposit.


Deposits are non-refundable unless sufficient notice is given and your holiday period is able to be resold.


The balance is due no less than 8 weeks before the commencement of your holiday.


To avoid disappointment, equipment hire, bait and food packages must be agreed before arrival and they must be paid for in cleared funds prior to or on arrival.


We accept no responsibility for accident or injury unless it is a result of our direct action.  Please ensure you have health and accident insurance.


We accept no responsibility for delays or cancellations to any form of transport other than our vehicle.  Please ensure you have holiday insurance.


Advance notice must be provided if there is any type of food that a member of your group cannot or will not eat.


We are unable to cater for complicated allergies, vegans or personal diet plans but please phone to discuss any special requirements and we will do our best to meet your needs.


Grounds maintenance equipment will be in use at all times as required to maintain the property to it's high standard, this includes mowers, strimmers, chain saws, etc.


The owners reserve the right to change the above rules at their discretion.


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