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The following equipment is available for hire subject to a refundable cash deposit.


For the detail of each set of equipment please go to the facilities page and click on equipment Hire.



Equipment                        Charge                                  Deposit


1 rod set                            10 euros per day*                     50 euros


2 rod set                            20 euros per day*                   100 euros


3 rod set                            30 euros per day*                   150 euros


1 marker/spod rod              5 euros per day                       50 euros


Micron M bite alarms         1 euro each per day                 35 euros each


Sleeping bags                   25 euros per hire**                   50 euros


Thermal over blanket         1 euro per day                         35 euros



The following rods are available to hire and are all available as a set of 3:


2.25 TC - ESP Tracer

2.50 TC - Sonik SK3

2.75 TC - Century NG, Free Spirit E Class, ESP Tracer, ESP Sniper, Fox Warrior XT

3.00 TC - Greys Prodigy Plus, Sonik SK4, Chubb Outcast

5.50 TC - Shimano Specialist Spod/Marker




*  All rod sets are provided with a full spool of new line, a minimum hire period of 2 days is therefore required.  If a replacement spool of line is required it is charged at an additional 10 euros per spool.


**  All sleeping bags are cleaned after use therefore the minimum charge is 25 euros.


All deposits will be refunded in full subject to the equipment being returned undamaged.


Each rod set includes bank sticks or Rod Pod, and an alarm (Micron M). 


Each rod set will be provided with either a Shimano Big Pit Long Cast reel or a Shimano 6000 GTE reel.


Each Marker/SPOD rod is provided with a Shimano Big Pit Long Cast reel lined with braid.


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