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Bait Shop

We have a wide selection of high quality baits for sale, all of which are locally sourced. They are fed routinely to our carp and consequently, They Work.


Please bring your own baits if you wish but be aware that fish often take time to adjust to new bait especially if it is introduced in large quantities. Your favourite bait that works well on your local lake may not have the desired effect here. Please note, we do not allow shelf-life boilies or nuts.


Our boilies are made to order and delivered to us fresh and ready to freeze. There are always some in stock but we do ask all of our customers to order boilies 6 weeks before the commencement of their holiday.


PVA friendly Booster Liquid and Pop-Ups are available in all flavours.


We stock 2 types of pellet.  One is high protein fish-meal based, it is smelly and the fish love it, particularly in the warmer months.  The other is cereal based and used as a bulk feed on the lake throughout the year, the fish eat as much of it as they can get their hands on.


Corn and Partimix is cooked to order; a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for all orders.

All of our bait is tried and tested, it is sensibly priced and you will be hard pushed to beat it.


Tackle Shop


There is a limited selection of equipment available from our tackle shop. It is operated to provide replacements for consumable items such as catapults, PVA bags and mesh refills, bait drills, threading needles, etc.


There is sufficient end tackle such as lead clips, leads, hooks and ready tied rigs, etc, to equip a novice who fancies a go or to re-equip someone who has forgotten to bring some of the bare essentials.


We do not sell large items such as rods or reels.


Our tackle shop is operated on a non-profit basis. All kit is sold at cost plus postage so it is no cheaper than you will expect to pay at your local tackle shop.



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