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Nowadays most people seem to have a Satellite Navigation system and getting here is very simple.  


Some systems are better than others and bring people direct to our door; others tend to only bring people to the general area, i.e. Cussac.  That is because our post code covers quite a large geographical area, unlike UK post codes which are very precise.


If yours is the latter variety then check out the directions on the link below and just follow the last couple of paragraphs which will bring you from Cussac to the Moulin.


Each sat-nav system seems to require different information, our full address is:


                                                                                               Le Moulin de Graffeuil

                                                                                                     Cussac 87150




If you are a dinosaur like me you will prefer a map and some bits of paper, just click on the link below and download the directions. They are from most major ports.










If you do require further assistance with your travel plans please do not hesitate to ask.


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